Dictionary of Carnival in Asturias 2019: comadres, antroxu, chigres and folixa


Carnival in Asturias is lived with as much or more passion than in Cádiz or Tenerife. To the illusion and desire to party that are shared between points so far from Spain, we must add that in Asturias we do not have a climate as benign as that of those other latitudes.

That is why, when I prepare this Dictionary of Carnival in Asturias 2019 I am aware, because I participate in it, that the Spaniard is thoroughly delivered at this party, even if the sky is covered. And no, it is not the weather forecast for this week, but quite the opposite.

But before you review the calendar of celebrations (hint: Thursday of Comadres, the official pistol, is February 28), I leave you with a small explanation, and translation, of what are some essential terms to better understand this party , deeply rooted throughout Asturias but especially in the medieval town of Aviles, my hometown.

Clown costume, Carnival (Antroxu) in Asturias

Enjoy it in Avilés, Gijón, Oviedo or any other Asturian city, here you have a basic vocabulary to better understand the Antroxu (Carnival) in Asturias.

Basic vocabulary to understand Carnival (Antroxu) in Asturias

Antroxu: “Carnival” in bable, and you will notice that I use both words interchangeably throughout the article. Do it also when you are here, it is always nice to see that the visitor learns some local word.

Antroxao chigre: Bar, cider house or restaurant that changes the decoration during the Carnival to dress up, from the facade to the waiters, during the holidays. It is a widespread custom especially in Aviles, where the best establishments are also rewarded anthroxaos.

Disguised in Aviles during Carnival (Antroxu)

Thursday of Comadres: It will be February 28 and it is the night of the women, when they go out in a group to have dinner, dance and have fun without a male presence among them. Another thing is that Thursdays, especially in Gijón and Oviedo, are quite lively days and they are approached by copies of the male gender with the same hope of any Thursday, Friday or Saturday, whether festive or not.

Folixa: Party, fun, noise (because without it there isn't), what awaits you if you go out in disguise during the Antroxu.

Antroxu (Carnival) in AsturiasAntroxu (Carnival) in Asturias

Galiana descent: It is celebrated on the Saturday before Tuesday of Antroxu and this 2019 (which will fall on March 2) its XXXII Edition will be celebrated with more than twenty artifacts registered to date. It consists of the descent of great gadgets (shaped like a fishing boat, Viking, deep sea fish, whale or whatever is thrown, although generally related to the theme of the Carnival of that year) handmade by groups of friends and neighbors , from Galiana Street on a route where foam canyons have covered the pavement, to simulate the sea, and continue to cover the spectators.

The raincoat is essential and, if you have children, when the parade ends, don't lose sight of them in the Plaza de España: it becomes a real foam pool where they love to play.


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Plaza de España in Aviles covered with foam at Carnival