Budget to travel to Turkey


Conversion from local currency to euros

1 euro = 6.04 Turkish lira (TRY). Change to today according to XE.

Average price compared to another country

Turkey is no longer such a cheap country as it became during the first years of this century. On horseback between Asia and Europe it became an intermediate price between the low cost of countries such as India, China, Southeast Asia and the high prices of European cities.

Sunset in Istanbul

Today, general prices in Istanbul are much closer to the European standard. Even so, Turkey is still a country where the same tourist can adapt his travel budget due to the different quality offered in terms of accommodation and the possibility of eating fantastic in any street food stall for a very good price.

Also the commercial war that has disputed with the United States in this 2018, has caused a devaluation of the Turkish lira that has turned the country into a 30% cheaper destination in a matter of a short time.

On average, prices in Turkey are approximately 35% cheaper than in Spain.

Travel insurance to Turkey

Are you one of those who still think that travel insurance is something expendable? A 3-week insurance to Turkey can cost you about 60 euros (not even 3 euros per day). We recommend arriving at the destination with a standard insurance that includes a minimum of 6 euros in hospitalization, repatriation, theft and cancellation fees. We have tried several companies and the last few times we have repeated with Iati because everything has gone perfectly. You also have a 5% discount when you come from us through this link.

What is not going to escape the backpacker who travels with a rather low budget, is the price of tourist tickets and the price of gasoline that expands to the use of coaches and other means of transport. Indeed, despite being so close to the most abundant oil wells on the planet, the price of gasoline is one of the most expensive in the world. So, if you plan to rent a car as we did in Cappadocia it is something that we must take into account.


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Average hotel price

We have been seven times in Turkey, three of them basically in Istanbul and two others traveling around the country. Each of these trips we have done with a different budget, according to the possibilities and our own priorities when traveling.

The price of accommodation will depend, to a large extent, on the type we are looking for:

  • Hostels: You can sleep in a typical “hostel” sharing a bed with 6-8 people and bathroom, with prices starting at 35-40 TRY in Istanbul, where there is a lot of offer of this type of accommodation. In other parts of the country, such as Fethiye or Dalaman (which are tourist, but have less offer), the price can start at 50 TRY.
  • Budget hotels without great luxuries: They can walk around 100-120 Turkish Lira for a double room. Sometimes less, depending on the area of ​​the country.
  • Mid-range hotels in Istanbul (between 3 and 4 stars): Prices were around 250 and 300 Turkish Lira for a double room.
  • Top quality hotels: Also, obviously, there are good hotels in Turkey. Prices start at TRY 360-400 for a double room.

Accommodation Tip

If you want to avoid searches and book accommodation in the same hostel as us in the center of Istanbul you can do it in the following link without any price increase:


Travel by public transport

Throughout Turkey we moved mainly by coach to cover much of the country. Sometimes we did it during the night to avoid accommodation and take advantage of the days as the connection between the capital and the beautiful region of Cappadocia. In Istanbul the tram or subway works great. Here we break down the prices per route.

  • Metro in Istanbul: it leaves for 4 Turkish liras although you can also get it cheaper if you buy the Istanbulkart that comes out for 2.60 lire.
  • Public transport in Turkey: the price of public transport in Turkey moves by an average of TRY 2.50 per ticket.

Fishing, one of the favorite activities in Istanbul

Long-term coaches in Turkey

The coaches in general in Turkey are modern and air conditioned. Some stations can cause a certain feeling of vertigo due to the large influx of people, the chaos that reigns in these spaces and the multitude of different companies that manage the tickets of the various bus companies that operate the possible routes. It is convenient to arrive early, even a day before, to secure a place and choose the most economical option.

Do you need to change your euros to Turkish liras?

When traveling to Turkey you will need to change your euros to Turkish Lira. To do this, it is better that you do not wait to arrive at the airport to find an exchange office (whose types are always abusive to the client) or waste your time at the destination comparing prices on the street between different offices. The company Ria Currency Exchange It makes it easy for you and has a delivery service at home of the currencies of the country that you need. Delivery is made in a maximum of 48 hours, you will take advantage of the best online currency exchange rate on the market and leave home with the peace of mind of being prepared to enjoy the trip.

Through this link you can change euros to Turkish Lira in the fastest and most efficient way. In addition, if doing so you include the discount code 'VIAJABLOG', you can save a few euros in the change.

The prices that we break down below are those that we pay and there may be variations depending on the schedule, the time and the company that performs the service.

Bus routeDurationPrice
Istanbul - Göreme in Cappadocia10 hours70-120 lyre
Göreme in Cappadocia - Fethiye12-14 hours90-120 lira
Goereme - Uchiçar1:15 hours5 lira
Fethiye - Kabak1 hour5 lira
Fethiye - Kabak1 hour5 lira
Kabak - Faralya1:15 hours5 lira
Faralya - Oludeniz15 minutes6.25 lire
Oludeniz - Fethiye30 minutes5.5 lira
Fethiye - Pamukkale4,5 hours50-70 lire
Pamukkale - Selçuk (Ephesus)3.5 hours65-85 lire
Selçuk - Pamukkale3.5 hours70 lire
Selçuk - Parchment4 hours55-85 lire
Pergamum - Çandarli1 hour5 lira
Pergamum - Istanbul12 hours80-125 lire

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Private transport

To calculate the budget of your trip to Turkey you must take into account the cost of private transport, because the public option will not always be the best:

  • Travel by taxi In Turkey it usually has a cost of 4 TRY per flag drop, 3 TRY per km and about 23 Turkish lira for one hour of waiting.
  • He motorcycle rental for two people in Capadoccia haggling you can reach 150 lire for 48 hours. Gasoline is around 6.61 liras as of December 2018.
  • The quantum car rental, you will find very varied prices and if you do it once on the ground it is very important to read the fine print because in the end you can end up paying more than expected. From Viajablog, we recommend you do it through our partner that offers good quality / price ratio and is the most transparent comparator in the market, showing all kinds of hidden costs and information such as queue time and objective opinions about the different companies:

I spend food per day

Throughout the country you will find local food stalls where you eat very well And at a good price. In the big cities or tourist places you will find more variety and prices that will oscillate more.

We did not see big differences between the quality of street stalls than in the big restaurants. Rather, in the presentation. So we ate most times in places without frills. About the average we paid for two people was about 60-70 Turkish lira. They are usually placed where you have the food prepared in front of the counter and if there are difficulties in the language, it is enough to point out the dishes that you want to take. Very easy.

Other budget indicators for eating in Turkey:

Mc Meal at Mc Donald's18 lira
Local beer (0.5 l) in restaurant15 lira
Local beer (0.5 l) in supermarket8.5 lire
Import beer (0.3 l) in restaurant15 lira
Import beer (0.3 l) in supermarket11.30 lira
Water (1.5 l) in supermarket3.75 lire
Milk (1 l)3.75 lire
1 kg of apples4,5 lire
Cigarettes13 lira
Bottle of wine (medium range)40 lira

The Hagia Sophia Basilica in Istanbul