San Isidro 2019 party program in Madrid


Madrid It is one of those cities that is worth visiting at any time of the year. Museums, spectacular monuments, parks, great nightlife, varied and exquisite cuisine, the best leisure offer in Spain, etc.

But nevertheless, the capital of Spain looks especially beautiful in spring, when the weather improves, the flowers open and people spend most of their free time on the street, taking something on terraces or walking, giving a touch of life even more accentuated to a city that already has it .

Another reason for visit Madrid in the month of May is the to be able to live the celebrations of San Isidro Labrador, the patron of the city.

Around May 15, the area of ​​the neighborhood of San Isidro, in Carabanchel, and its meadow are filled with cats, cats and tourists. But not only there, since there are events and shows in 19 locations in Madrid.

Sunset, Plaza Mayor of Madrid

The festivities of San Isidro 2019

The events of the 2019 San Isidro festivities will take place between May 10 and 15,and there will be a bit of everything, including plays, workshops for the whole family, poetry ... In short, a lot of culture. This is the best of the San Isidro 2019 festivities.

Friday 10th May

  • 20:00: Proclamation, by the journalist and writer Elvira Lindo, in Plaza de la Villa
  • 20:00 Arganzuela Fem Fest, in Esplanade Madrid Río
  • 20:30 Fru Katinka, in San Isidro Park
  • 22:30 Carminha News, in Plaza Mayor
  • 23:20 Egon Soda, Garden of the Vistillas

Saturday, May 11

  • 11:30 The Wind Machine, in Plaza de Oriente
  • 12:00 Giants and Bigheads, in Plaza de la Villa
  • 12:00 Dance Vermú Castizo, in San Isidro Park
  • 18:30 Rolf & Flor in the Amazon, in San Isidro Park
  • 20:00 Blessing of the water of the fiente and consecration to the Saint, in Hermitage of San Isidro
  • 20:30: Garaiz Ensemble, in Temple of Debod
  • 21:30 Municipal Symphonic Band of Madrid, in Plaza Mayor
  • 22:40: Kid Simius (Live), in San Isidro Park
  • 23:10 The Assassin Swing, in Multipurpose Esplanade Madrid Rio
  • 00:05 Skinny, Vistillas Garden

Sunday, May 12

  • 11:00 Tribute to San Isidro de las Casas Regionales, in Plaza Mayor
  • 11:30 Concentration of Seat 600, in Hermitage of San Isidro
  • 12:00 Dance Vermú Castizo, in San Isidro Park
  • 12:00 Municipal Symphonic Band of Madrid, in the Gardens of Buen Retiro
  • 13:30 Lume de Biqueira, Band of Bagpipes (Pipe Band), in San Isidro Park
  • 18:00 The portico case of any human being, in Plaza Conde de Barajas
  • 18:30 40 edition Rock Villa de Madrid-Universimad awards, in Explanda Multiusos Madrid Rio
  • 19:00 Cervantes has a dream, in Parque San Isidro
  • 20:00 Los Chunguitos, in San Isidro Park
  • 21:00 Altin Gün, in Plaza Mayor
  • 21:20 Kiko Veneno, in San Isidro Park
  • 23:40 Peinetta, in Jardines de las Vistillas

Monday, May 13

  • 20:00 Los 40 Classic, Rewinding your numbers 1, in Plaza Mayor
  • 20:00 Jeff Darko, in Jardines de las Vistillas
  • 20:00 Verbena Chotis Not Dead + Organillo Sound System, in Multiplayer Esplanade Madrid Rio
  • 21:40 Vancouvers, in San Isidro Park
  • 23:00 Belako, in San Isidro Park

Tuesday May 14

  • 14:00 Cast of Paella, in Parque San Isidro
  • 18:30 Madrid, 1930s, in Parque San Isidro
  • 19:00 Baroque in the Museum, in San Isidro Museum
  • 19:10 Ogun Afrobeat, in San Isidro Park
  • 20:25 Belenciana, in San Isidro Park
  • 20:30 Helena Goch, in Plaza Mayor
  • 21:25 La Bienquerida, in Parque San Isidro
  • 22:30 Pyromusical Shows, in Enrique Tierno Galván Park
  • 22:45 Miqui Puig & ACP, in San Isidro Park
  • 23:00 Anni B Sweet, in Plaza Mayor

Wednesday, May 15

  • 10:30 Parade of Giants and Bigheads, Environment of Castile Dances and Claveles Delivery, in Parque San Isidro
  • 11:00 Biodivertido Space, in Jardines de las Vistillas
  • 11:30 Stories of the Soundtracks, in Plaza de Oriente
  • 12:00 Madrid Dance Festival, Plaza Mayor
  • 12:30 From Madrid to Heaven, Municipal Puppet Theater, in Parque El Retiro
  • 13:00 Popular Madrid cuisine, in Parque San Isidro
  • 13:00 Mass of Pilgrimage, in Parque San Isidro
  • 18:30 Come and dance Chotis with us, Parque San Isidro (Rincón Castizo)
  • 20:30 Sara Águeda, in Temple of Debod
  • 21:00 Vinila Von Bismark, in Plaza Mayor
  • 22:30 Freedonia, in Multiplayer Esplanade Madrid Rio
  • 22:45 Eskorzo, in San Isidro Park
  • 00:00 Pyrotechnic show, in Parque San Isidro

To access the full program, you can visit the official website of San Isidro in Madrid.

And so you know what this whole festival is about, we tell you a little about the history of San Isidro Labrador.

Who was San Isidro Labrador

San Isidro was born in 1082 and he was a man of unwavering faith and who worked all his life in the field. He married Santa María de la Cabeza, from Uceda (Guadalajara) and with her he had his son, Illán, also a saint.

It is said that he had a great gift to discover water sources, but it was not his fame of zahorí that earned him to earn the Saint's pistol, but the great amount of miracles which, supposedly, he did during his life. Nothing less than 438.

Among them are some:

The most important miracle of San Isidro is the one he performed when his son, Illán, fell into the waters of a well. He and his wife prayed disconsolately by the well and the water level began to rise until he brought his son back, safe and sound. This well can be visited today, going to the Museum of the Origins (or Museum of San Isidro) in the Plaza de San Andrés (admission is free)

They say he also had the power to make sources and springs appear. One day, while working in the field, he was visited by his lord, Iván de Vargas, who was thirsty and asked for some water. The saint had nothing left, so he hit the ground with his rod and said "When God wanted, there was water here," and the liquid began to sprout from the ground. This point is, since then, a source whose water many think has healing properties. In 1528, the Empress Doña Isabel ordered the erection of the hermitage in her honor at this same point.

San Isidro died in 1172 (at 90 years of age, something unheard of for the time) and He was buried next to the church of San Andrés. When his remains were exhumed, they discovered that his body was practically incorrupt.