Route by car through the province of Barcelona


Cities with a special glamor often eclipse the attractive corners that hide around them. Barcelona does not escape from this situation and going against the tide is a perfect reason to discover landscapes and villages of undoubted beauty Without the usual tourist bustle that dominates the city.

A route by car always has its adventure point. The incentive to mark the route yourself, stop where you want and be the owner of your movements when discovering new places is one of the things that I love to rent a car and cut with the routine.

The province of Barcelona extends into a kind of isosceles triangle in whose lower angle the Mediterranean coast unfolds and converges on its perimeter to the north with the Pyrenees. The Llobregat River runs through the center, whose history has always been linked to the beginnings of Catalan industry, which has now become a new tourist modality.

Views of the Llosa de Cavall swamp from the Sanctuary of Llord in the Solsonés

Next we will explore the province of Barcelona on a two-day drive (Although we can extend it to three days according to the rhythm we want to print). We can do it perfectly in a weekend in which we will escape from the tourist masses of the capital and visit the most beautiful and interesting places in its surroundings.

This route tries to alternate places of an already contrasted charm and other less known enclaves that will leave you with your mouth wide open. Can you come with us?

Tips to prepare the route

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1 From Barcelona to Vic

The classic market of Vic on Saturdays

We leave Barcelona and take the C-17 towards Vic. It will take approximately one hour.

If your departure day coincides on Saturday you are in luck. On Saturdays it unfolds in the main square of Vic one of the most abundant and surprising markets of Catalonia. Already since the 10th century there are documents about its existence. You will find everything and you cannot leave Vic without tasting the quality of the famous sausages and sausages of the region.

2 From Vic to Tavertet and Rupit

Entrance to Rupit by the suspension bridge over the river Ter

The profile of the mountains of Collsacabra It extends over the Sau swamp with a seemingly soft profile that ends in steep cliffs. This wooded and natural area shelters some of the most well-preserved and beautiful villages in Catalonia.

Following the C-153 we will arrive in about 45 minutes to Tavertet, declared population Well of Cultural Interest where you can admire several Romanesque buildings such as the church of Sant Cristòfol. However, the beauty of Tavertet is in the uniqueness where it is located. Tavertet is perched at the top of the mountain and seems to defy the laws of gravity with the deep fall we observe from the final perimeter of the town. The views of the mountains and the swamp of Sau are spectacular.

Views of the Collsacabra mountains from Tavertet

Half an hour more by car leave us in Rupit. One of the best preserved medieval towns of the region and where gastronomy is one of the biggest claims. An ideal place to make a break in the tour and take the opportunity to stick a good lunch. Being a fairly busy place during the weekend I advise you to book in advance. On the website of the Fork you have the best restaurants in Rupit and in most you can book directly from the web.

3De the mountains of Collsacabra to Ripoll

Monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll - Albei2T Flickr

From Rupit we have the quick option that brings us closer to Ripoll in an hour following the C-17. There is a slower alternative that takes us into the province of Girona through the region of La Garrotxa and the volcanic area of ‚Äč‚ÄčOlot. Without a doubt, one of the essential places in the interior of Catalonia that deserves a separate excursion.

Ripoll is worth a visit for its historic center that surrounds the monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll Built in the 11th century. The huge square in front and the spectacular medieval portico will leave you with your mouth wide open.

4 From Ripoll to the Sanctuary of Montgrony

The Sanctuary of Santa María de Montgrony - Francesc Muñoz, Flickr

The road between Ripoll and Pobla de Lillet is one of the most beautiful and scenic in Catalonia. Through the GI-401 we will arrive in just over 30 minutes from Ripoll to the Sanctuary of Montgrony.

As a watchtower, from the sanctuary you can see beautiful views of the Pedraforca mountain, one of the icons of the Catalan Pyrenees.

The beautiful silhouette of Pedraforca

In the sanctuary of Montgrony, through a huge farmhouse, it offers lodging and restaurant service. If you want to rest in a very quiet and special place this is a good option. On the other hand, around the Ripollés as the nearby towns of Gombrén or Castellar de n'Hug we will find several options for accommodation in a rural house.

5 From sanctuary to sanctuary: from Montgrony to Lord

View of the Llosa de Cavall swamp from Lord's sanctuary

In the morning we can take the opportunity to approach Castellar de n'Hug to visit the sources of the Llobregat river. A series of waterfalls that begin the long route of the river, splitting in two the isosceles triangle that forms the province of Barcelona.

From sanctuary we go to another sanctuary whose views will leave us speechless. With the car we will arrive at the Shrine of Lord following the C-16 and later the LV-4241.

Once parked, we must walk a few minutes to reach the sanctuary. It is not necessary to enter it, the most interesting thing about the place is to walk along the high plateau over the Mola de Lord and approach the cliffs that precipitate over the swamp of the Llosa del Cavall. The views of the Pre-Pyrenees of Solsonés from this place are incredible.

6 From the Shrine of Lord to Cardona

Cardona Castle - David Jones, Flickr

We began to descend back to Barcelona gradually. We do it on the C-462 and C-55 road that leaves us on the medieval city of Cardona. Its imposing castle dominates the mountain and the horizon of the region. Become one of the most beautiful hostels in Spain, Cardona Castle has a long history of its own and even a ghost as a permanent guest between its rooms.

The city of Cardona has the category of Cultural Property of National Interest in the category of historical set. Without a doubt, it offers a nice walk through its medieval town as well as a surprising visit to the salt mines if you have enough time.

7 From Cardona to Manresa

La Seu de Manresa

In 30 minutes following the C-55 we reach Manresa, the capital of the Bages region with a great historical legacy.

If we want to concentrate on the most important points we should not miss the visit to the imposing Seu, the Collegiate Basilica of Santa Maria, the cave of Sant Ignasi and take a walk through the old town where we can take the opportunity to eat.

8 From Manresa to Marganell, the door to Montserrat

The Marganell Hermitages route with constant views of Montserrat

After a couple of urban visits we go back to nature. Marganell's small population shows a scenic and very unusual view of the mountains of Montserrat from its north side.

The town is quite scattered, I advise you to go to the hermitage of Sant Cristòfol. If you have time from this point, a beautiful circular path of about 4 kilometers opens in which we can visit several hermitages in the area with continuous views of Montserrat.

Around this area there are several farmhouses where to eat grilled meat and if we are between the months of January and March with luck you can taste some good and traditional calçots.

9 From Marganell to Barcelona

Once back in the car we have about 50 minutes left following the C-16 until we return to Barcelona. I hope you liked the tour.