Guide to travel to Glasgow, the spectacular surprise of Scotland


This year I had the opportunity to visit Glasgow twice and the truth is that It has been my biggest traveling surprise of recent years. Perhaps it is because I totally did not know the destination and it is not a city highlighted by other travelers. Whatever the reason, Glasgow gave me that feeling that only some chosen cities have caused in me: I would stay one season to live in it. So clear. Arrow at first sight. And with much added merit, because my visit coincided with the weekend in which the famous storm “The Beast from the East”The United Kingdom collapsed with a thick blanket of snow.

Glasgow has nothing to do with the industrial city of the last century. After a great face wash, there are now a good number of things what to do and see in Glasgow. Cultural events (although it was always a musical reference in the British Isles), sports, museums, bars, green areas, urban art ... Glasgow is waiting for you to give you a lot.

How to get to Glasgow

To travel to Glasgow you can fly to two different airports: Glasgow International Airport and the Glasgow Airport - Prestwick.

If you do not want to complicate your life, here you can book directly your transfer from Glasgow Prestwick airport to your final destination:


It may sound strange to you that Glasgow has two airports, but we are talking about the most populous city in Scotland, and the third in the entire United Kingdom. If we take into account the metropolitan area, more than 2 million people live in Glasgow, about 40% of Scotland's inhabitants. Normally it has two airports.

Glasgow International Airport is much closer than Prestwick, but, paradoxically, the bus ticket to go from the center of Glasgow to the Glasgow International Airport will cost you more expensive (GBP 8 in April 2018) than the train to Go from Glasgow-Prestwick Airport to the city center (GBP 4.10 in April 2018). This is due to 50% discount that applies to all train journeys from Prestwick to Glasgow, whenever you show a departure or arrival plane ticket to that airport.

The train that goes from Glasgow Prestwick downtown takes about 50 minutes, while the bus from downtown Glasgow to its International Airport takes about 20 minutes.

You have very cheap flights to both airports from a good number of Spanish cities (especially outside the summer season) making it possible to travel to Glasgow, almost all year, for very little money. I did it from Alicante in March and April for about € 60 round trip, combining the two airports.

What to see and do in Glasgow

With the things to see in Glasgow, you don't finish it on a weekend. Therefore, among other reasons, I ended up going twice. Here I leave you some plans and ideas of things to do in Glasgow, based on my own experience:

1. Urban art in Glasgow

It is not that I have done many tours of this kind in other cities in my life, but I do not need to know that few will be better than Glasgow.

In the year 2008, Glasgow City Council decided to carry out a original plan to give art and color to the gray buildings of the city center. This is how several urban artists took their paintings and made magnificent giant murals with the most diverse themes. The result is impressive.

He Glasgow urban art tour - called 'The Mural Trail' -, it takes more than 3 hours and in it I could admire works such as 'Saint Mungo', 'The Hip-Hop Puppets', 'Honey I have shrunk the children' or 'The Tiger of the Clyde River'. Neither the snow nor the cold prevented him from enjoying, as a child, the best activity to do in Glasgow.

2. Visit to the Necropolis and Glasgow Cathedral