The best views of Barcelona


Views from the top of Turó de la Rovira to Barcelona

This afternoon they took me by surprise to an unexpected place. I live in Barcelona for over five years and had always thought that the best views of the city they were obtained from Tibidate or from the posh and expensive premises of the upper zone such as the Altàntic or the Mirablau. I was wrong. In the heart of Barcelona there are four half-forgotten mountains with privileged views of the city: the turó del Carmel, the turó del Guinardó, the Turó de la Peira and the turó de la Rovira.

Precisely in the latter - at 262 meters high - you can enjoy some 360 degree views of Barcelona that will open the pores of the city and you will see it as you have never seen it before.

The difference with the well-known viewpoints of Tibidabo or Montjuic is that from the turó de la Rovira we are very close to the center and the height deceives and it seems that at any moment we can fall on the pinnacles of the Sagrada Familia or face on the nearby Guell park. Surprising to see the streets, such as Padilla, so well defined by skewing the horizontal of the city of rennet until it reaches the sea.

Here you will not find tourists. At least I didn't see them. Fortunately, the travel guides or the Barcelona tourist office have not yet seen the tourist claim that this site could offer. A ramp covered in cement covers the last meters until you reach a water tank and around you can see the foundations of the old barracks that crowded on the slopes of the mountain during the postwar period. They were poor but had views that the rich of Pedralbes or Sant Gervasi would never dream of. Along the way you will see remains of large bottles, prickly pears - some even tunneled with funny graffiti - platforms of anti-aircraft guns from the civil war, visiting neighbors and others taking out the dog. Those will be your only companions in this special reunion with Barcelona.


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To the east you will see very closely the Meridiana, Sant Adrià, Santa Coloma, Badalona, ​​Montgat, Tiana, Masnou, Can Ruti, the mount of Sant Mateu and even Mataró. On a clear night you can even light up the lights of the Calella lighthouse. In front you will recognize the heart of Barcelona as if you had a map in your hands - it is not necessary that I comment on the most emblematic buildings of Barcelona, ​​you will already recognize them on your own - and to the west, after the mountain of Montjuic, a glow on the Water shows us the Remolar pond right next to the Prat airport. To the north, the neighborhood of Horta, Carmel, Vall d'Hebrón, Tibidabo, Singuerlín, the trees that surround Besos today and much more.

Juan Marsé He is an illustrious neighbor of the neighborhood and already spoke in his novels of the splendid views of Turó de la Rovira and Carmel. Fortunately, few people read literature in this country and the place has remained only in the knowledge of neighbors and curious.

Views to the east with the mountain of Montjuic from the Turó de la Rovira