Excursion to Villa Jovis on the island of Capri


Views of the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Gulf of Naples from Villa Jovis in Capri

In our travel itinerary through southern Italy we wanted to include a getaway to the island of Capri. At first we did not know if we would travel to the island from Naples or from any other point on the Tyrrhenian coast. After reading the section of the guide in this regard we opted for the shortest and simplest option.

From the port of Sorrento there are multiple daily ferry connections to Capri on a journey that only lasts half an hour and leaves for about 13 euros the way. The port of Sorrento is located under the cliff of the same town and we must overcome the unevenness through some stairs to the sea and some unfriendly tunnels. It was 8 in the morning and that tunnel seemed to be Sorrento's parlor because of the condoms that we found lying on the ground. The car ride is friendlier. There is also an elevator that makes the journey for one euro in case you want to avoid the unpleasant hike.

We got on one of the ferries of the company Caremar. Before buying a round trip ticket, make sure you schedule other companies because it may be more convenient for you to make the round trip with one and the return with another of the companies that make the journey. If you are in the off season, it may be convenient not to buy the return ticket in advance and subject it to the time that your visit to the island of Capri takes you.

The journey passed quickly and in just 30 minutes we were already in the beautiful marina of the island. We approached the funiculars that connect the port with the main town of Capri and we got on them. 1.80 euros the ticket. The funicular makes the ascent to the town and we will begin to enjoy the good views of the Gulf of Naples, the imposing Vesuvius in the distance and the nearby aroma of orange and tangerines grown in the fields we leave at our feet.

Once the journey is over we find a beautiful viewpoint at about 140 meters high overlooking the hills of Capri that rush to the sea, the distant sea and the imposing profile of Vesuvius to the horizon protecting - or sealing an inevitable apocalypse - the city of Naples.


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We took a walk through the main town of Capri. The streets with whitewashed walls give way to narrow streets where fashion shops follow each other incessantly. We miss some extra places to have a drink on a terrace. Capri's profile is rugged and houses are crowded into concentrated areas. Finally we had a coffee - an espresso of 4 drops - and a cappuccino and the bill of 8 euros made us more effect than caffeine.

Cafes at fashionable prices on the island of Capri that make you want to practice the “sinpa”

We decided to make one of the most usual and long excursions on the island. From Umberto I square we head towards the streets that leave the town of Capri to get closer to Mount Tiberius and the famous village Jovis, former residence of the Roman emperor Tiberius. It is a one-hour tour approximately - contemplate two hours in total with the return to Capri- that runs through olive groves, mansions and views of the cliffs that face face to face with the nearby Sorrentine peninsula. It is a highly recommended route and suitable for families.

Most of the route runs between narrow streets and houses most of the views. As we move away from the town we take height and we can start enjoying the views of the Marina. Further on we found some free entrance gardens where we could contemplate the southern flank and its precipices not suitable for vertigo travelers.

We follow the path and about twenty minutes later we arrived at the gates of Villa Jovis. It seemed closed. A man appeared from the checkpoint and greeted us. He informed us that the visit to Villa Jovis was closed but after talking for a while he allowed us access by paying the entrance fee of two euros. Later we observed that he told the same story to the other tourists and would most likely take interesting commissions in this way. for his good work by skipping the rules. Italy, with its picaresque, sometimes seems to be closer to India than to Germany.

The Jovis villa in Capri